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How to Choose the Right Rug Size: A Pictorial Guide

So you want to get a rug. Great! But do you know what size will work best for your room? With the pictorial guide in this article, you can easily determine the optimal rug size for your room.

Interior decorators agree that a rug can make or break a room’s design. Choose the right design, and your room can look sophisticated and classy. Choose the wrong design or material, your guests will be left wondering why the room looks incohesive.

Just as important as the rug’s design and material, a rug’s size is also a major determinant in how it will organize the room’s spatial aesthetics. With the right size, a rug can extend the feel of a room. It can also separate a room from a neighboring room.

This guide presents common rug sizes and how they look with furniture.

Bedroom Rug Size Guide

Bedroom rug size guide

The examples here showcase the most common bedsize: queen size. For a bedroom with two bedside tables, you can achieve symmetry by laying the rug beneath the bed. You can see that a 5×7 feet (140×200 cm) rug is somewhat wasted underneath a queen size bed. You can barely see it! It is recommended to use a 6×9 feet (180×280 cm) rug underneath a queen size bed.

If you have a twin size bed, a 5×7 feet (140×200 cm) rug will be appropriate. If you have a king size bed, a 8×10 feet rug will be better suited.

Bedroom rug size guide

For people who prefer a runner rug, there are quite a few appropriate rug sizes. 2×5 feet (60×150 cm) is a common runner rug size. You can also choose 2’7″x6 feet (80×180 cm) or 3’3″x6 feet (100×180 cm) if you prefer a larger runner rug size.

Living Room Rug Size Guide

Living room rug size guide

Choosing a rug size for the living room depends on the size of the furniture. If you have a loveseat, a 5×7 feet (140×200 cm) rug will typically be placed beneath the coffee table, with the rest of the furniture around the perimeter of the rug. If you upsize to 6×9 feet (180×280 cm), the rug will usually sit beneath the furniture.

Living room rug size guide

Living room rug size guide

If you have a sofa or a sectional, a 6×9 feet (180×280 cm) rug will feel more natural. The rug will sit beneath the furniture.

There are no definitive rules in choosing a rug size because so many other factors, such as furniture and dimension of the room, play a role in the layout and spatial aesthetics of a space. This article is simply a general guide to help increase your understanding of spatial planning. We hope you will consider all factors when choosing a rug size. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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