AquaLavelle Ultra Slim Bidet

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Honest truth – toilet paper doesn’t clean your bum 100%. It’s streaky, patchy, frictional, and sometimes hurts your sensitive tushy. Wouldn’t you love to feel clean like you’ve just taken a shower? Now you can! Thanks to European sensibilities, we bring you an elegant bidet that gives your bum a refreshing clean!

Many people ask “Why use a bidet?”

Save Your Butt
Give your butt the clean it deserves, alleviating UTIs, hemorrhoids, skid marks, dingleberries and more!
Save Your Money
Helps you save thousands of dollars over time on toilet paper consumption.
Save The Planet
It takes just 1 pint of water to properly wash with a bidet versus 15 million trees to make toilet paper annually.

This ultra slim, modern bidet attachment does not require electricity or power, and fits easily to your toilet seat. It features dual nozzles, which retract when not in use. They conveniently retract behind a splash guard to protect them from debris when not in use. This ensures ultimate hygiene and cleanliness.

Give yourself the gift of clean and confidence.

Dual Nozzles (AS AU UK)Dual Nozzles (EU)Dual Nozzles (US CA)Single Nozzle (AS AU UK)Single Nozzle (EU)Single Nozzle (US CA)


  • Ultra slim (9 mm thickness) bidet attachment fits toilet seat easily
  • Elegant, modern design. Not bulky. Elevate your bathroom aesthetics
  • Turn the silver knob to release spray. Adjustable water pressure
  • Does not require power or electricity. Cold water only. Refreshing!
  • 2 Nozzle types:
    Single Nozzle: butt cleaning
    Dual Nozzles: one nozzle is for butt cleaning, and the other nozzle is for front cleaning (women’s private)
  • Retractable and self-cleaning nozzle: nozzles retract behind a splash guard to protect them from debris when not in use. The nozzles will extend and spray only when used.
  • Easily installation: Fit 8 – 23 cm distance of toilet holes. Box includes everything you need including tools to get your bidet up and running in minutes. The only tools required are a screwdriver and wrench
  • Box includes:
    1 x Bidet
    1 x Hose (80cm)
    1 x Brass T Valve with Rubber Washer
    1 x Installation Instruction
    1 x 1-Year Warranty
  • Perfect as a gift for someone who loves to be tidy and clean
  • Free shipping

Easy installation. 5 – 10 minutes is all you need to get it running.

Best bidet attachment for toilet seat to spray water to clean butt
Elegant, ultra slim, and modern. This bidet will give your butt the clean it deserves.

Best bidet attachment for toilet seat to spray water to clean butt
1. Turn the switch to extend nozzle and spray water.
2. Toilet attachment fit 8 – 23 cm (3 – 9 inches) distance of toilet holes.
3. Dual cleaning nozzles: one nozzle is for butt cleaning, and the other nozzle is for front cleaning (women’s private)

dual nozzle bidet
Retractable cleaning nozzles: nozzles are conveniently retracted behind a splash guard to protect them from debris when not in use. The nozzles will extend and spray only when selected.

dual functionality bidet
Turn the knob for butt cleaning or front cleaning. Turn knob completely for maximum water jet. Turn knob slightly for gentler water jet.

single nozzle bidet
Single Nozzle bidet design

dual nozzle bidet
Dual Nozzles bidet design

dual functionality bidet
This bidet is compatible with 90% of the toilets on the market.

T Connector Applicable country
1/2 Size for AS AU UK Russia, Singapore, Israel, Ukraine, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc
3/8 Size for EU France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, etc
7/8 Size for US CAN The United States, Canada, Mexico

Additional information

Spary Type


Tap hole

2 Holes

Faucet Tapping

2 Holes

Model Number


Installation Type

Floor Mounted

Dual Nozzles

one for rear wash and another for feminine

Nozzle Self Cleaning


Water Pressure



one year

25 reviews for AquaLavelle Ultra Slim Bidet

  1. A***z

    It came super fast and easy to install. We like it very much.

  2. M***r

    Fast delivery and very well packaged. Good quality. I’m happy with the product.

  3. G***r

    package was damaged. product is okay.

  4. Customer

    The product perfectly matching the description, moreover the installation is very simple.

  5. B***N

    Oh wow. Just installed it and tried it out. I’ve never felt so clean! The water jet is pretty strong, so it really cleans the area. Initially I was thinking about getting a bidet with warm water functionality, but after trying this bidet (only cold water), I actually like it. It feels refreshing and clean!

  6. Customer

    works great.

  7. Customer

    The product is excellent, works very well.

  8. M***a

    The product is well packed. Everything came in one piece. Installed. Everything fit. Very easy to use. Water pressure is adjustable. I recommend it.

  9. V***n

    Made with care, all necessary accessories included. Installed in a few minutes. The box was a little dented, but everything was intact.

  10. A***a

    se monta perfectamente y queda elegante. No molesta y es fácil de usar. el chorro de agua suficiente

  11. A***H

    tuyeau trop cuurt. il faut mettre 1 5 m minimum.

  12. M***e

    Je suis vraiment satisfaite, le jet féminin n’est pas au bon endroit, mais je m’en fou un peu. Me permet d’économiser sur le papier de toilette. Bon pour mon porte-feuille et l’environnement

  13. E***i

    Arrived in reasonable time, normal packing,had difficulty closing the toilet seat and needed to cut part of the edge of the bidet which caused a puncher and water leak, but that was solved using soldering gun heat, it’s really very practical , and I am very happy with it, highly recommended

  14. I***

    Tal como se ve, muy fino. Por el momento va muy bien

  15. N***b

    Very good quality. I’ll be ordering more. thank you

  16. A***u

    Quality looks very good. Just like in the picture. Hadn’t tried it yet.

  17. J***j


  18. O***g

    Nice product and easy to install. Highly recommended

  19. S***o

    Everything is fine, the goods are delivered quickly, installation is no problem.

  20. O***A

    Works OK. For installation not more than 5 minutes

  21. J***e

    Very fast delivery and the installation was easy. Tested OK, the only point I worry is the plastic plate is thin and if accidently press downward too hard, it may break. Overall I am happy with the product. Worth buying.

  22. O***o

    All normal

  23. T***s

    simple bidet with dual nozzle. works ok has plastic hose so uprsfe is good idea. not bad for price.

  24. D***z

    Quick and easy installation. My north american hesitance to even try one of these was completely misplaced, and I am the first to admit I was silly for avoiding it. Substantially lower toilet paper usage throughout the house now, and frankly, worth the install.

  25. C***u

    It’s good it works

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